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Your navel shape can reveal your personality

The navel is the one part of the body that gets the least attention well unless if it needs to be cleaned.

Yet, every one of has a different and unique shape of the navel and believe it or not, it can reveal your personality! It can also tell a lot about your health.

  1. If your navel is like a button or if the bulge of the button is more noticeable then before this can actually mean that you have lifted something very heavy and you may be at risk of a hernia.
  2. If it looks like an almond it means that you are prone to having migraines and great pain in the muscles. Also, people with this shape of navel have problems with their bones.
  3. People with tucked belly button are very likely to get a flu virus and they are very keen on gaining weight.
  4. On the other hand, if it is bulged with U form it means that you are prone to having kidney illness or skin problems. However, belly buttons with this shape are very cute and children have fewer chances of being born with abnormalities which is amazing!

The above-mentioned shapes are for you to read your health through the shape of your navel but the following ones are telling a lot about you and are even able to reveal your personality.

  1. If your navel is big and has a very deep shape you are In luck! These people are very wise, kind and very good at management. Most of these people fail in their younger age but they succeed in their 40ties. If you are one of these people you should try to never miss out on opportunities
  2. People with round shapes of their navel are the most optimistic of them all! They are very positive and they always look the good in people. They are very generous and have great relationships with their friends and family. Another great thing about this people is that they are very lucky in money!
  3. Well, if you are one from the group of people with a shallow shape of a navel, it means you are very negative and weak. You almost never finish what you have started which is why you need to start approaching things more positively and seriously.
  4. On the other hand, if you have upward shape then you have the best shape of them all! It means that you are very energetic and have a lot of friends. This also means that you have great chances to succeed which is why you need to keep pushing.
  5. The oval shape reveals your personality as someone that overthinks and often misses out on opportunities. You need to stop being that much neurotic.
  6. If you have the oval shape, it means that you need to start being more communicative and hang out with people. You should keep being suspicious but in a way of being open getting a good luck!

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