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Young Boy’s Legs Wouldn’t Stop Bleeding After He Was Attacked By “Sea Bugs”

A teenager from Australia has gone through a lot of pain after his legs were bitten by sea creatures during an evening swim.

The medical team who treated the young Sam Kanizay couldn’t find a rational answer why his legs would not stop bleeding. However, his father seems to have found the reason.

After a football match he played, the boy got wounded and he went to drench his leg at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton.

Wherefore, he ended up covered in pile of blood and the doctors were surprised what happened. His father later found out his son’s leg was nibbled by numerous bugs.

He said that he immediately went to the “crime scene” putting a slice of meat in fishing net inside the water. Abruptly, a bunch of bugs started snatching the flesh.

“I caught some bugs overnight over in the bay. I’ve put meat into a net and they’ve grabbed on to that like there’s no tomorrow,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

“We’ve brought them home and they’ve just attached themselves to this meat. They’ve sucked the life out of it – all the blood,” he added.

The bugs are assumed to be insects that grabbed the young man’s legs. Literally, thousands of them attacked him and that is why he couldn’t stop bleeding.

The bugs were taken to a hospital so they could be analyzed to conclude if they indeed are the reason for the immense bleeding.

Sam reported that while he was soaking his legs, he felt itchiness but thought it’s because of the injuries during the game.

Michael Brown, an experienced marine worker, was also mystified for the event. He said he thinks the mysterious bugs are “jellyfish larvae.”

Sam’s father said he was frightened of how much blood there was on the hospital’s floor. They wiped the boy’s feet but they didn’t stop spurting.

When the medical team finally managed to stop the bleeding, they saw Sam’s legs were covered in very small holes, made by the bugs.

However, the bleeding has finally stopped and it looks like Sam will recover fast from the incident.

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