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Young Boy Remembers His Past Life And Identifies His Killer

A three-year-old child claims he remembers a past life reincarnation where he was murdered. He accurately pointed where he was buried, the village he origins from and his murderer.

In an area named Golan Heights, near the Syrian border, a boy remember a past life where he was killed.

At the beginning, no one believed him because the things he was saying were really out of mind.

However, he led the villagers to the spot where he said he was buried. One of the villagers was Dr. Eli Lasch who is famous for building a government medical system.

The villagers dug up the place where the boy said his remains rest. To be even more mysterious, they found a skeleton with a big axe mark that matched a birthmark the boy had on his head.

This little boy then said he was killed with an axe and took the villagers to the place the murderer hid it. And guess what, the axe was really there.

Furthermore, he led the people to his original village of his past life and told them of his previous name.

However, when the people of the village where the boy claims he was from said that a man with such a name vanished 4 years ago and never came back.

But strangest of all, the boy pointed out exactly who his alleged murderer was. He even confronted this man, whose face went pale white and started behaving very unusual.

The boy was of the Druze ethnic group, and in his culture, the existence of reincarnation has wide acceptance. His story, however, had amazed his community.

In his book, “Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today, German therapist Trutz Hardo narrates this boy’s amazing story, along with other similar accounts.

Is the boy a product of reincarnation? Do we all have a past life we don’t have the ability to remember? What is your opinion?

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