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Woman Claims She Was Dead For 23 Hours And Saw Celebrities Suffering In Hell

An 18-year old girl from Ecuador, Angela Elizabeth Zambrano Mora, claims she was dead for 23 hours. She said that she found herself in Hell together with many celebrities like Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II.

As she witnesses in the video at the end of the article, Jesus took her on a visit to Hell and Heaven.

She says the inferno depicted the end of times and contained, among everyone else, celebrities also. The paradise was full of beauties, she further claimed.

This young woman asserted how God warned her there are many famous people in Hell. He allegedly further took her to another part of the furnace, were a woman, encircled with fire, was getting a torture and begged God for mercy.

Next, she said that the Lord told her the woman suffering is Selena. When they got nearer to her, she could hear her screaming and beg for forgiveness.

Hell, Unknown Master – Portugal, 1st third of 16th century – oil on oak

Mora Was Told To Inform Humanity About Hell

The Lord was said to have watched the woman and said it was too late for regrets. Mora also claims that the woman suffering told her to inform the humanity of what she had seen.

She even said the woman told her to notify everyone down here not to listen to her songs in order not to end up like her.

She continued explaining how in Hell, there was a brimstone used to multiply the flames. This made the demons laugh, even more, watching the larger pain.

God told Mora that this was the way of people paying what they didn’t regret. She proceeded her story saying she spent her life as a Christian girl who believes in Heaven.

Mora Said She Saw People John Paul II In Hell

The girl described how she saw the Pope in hell, getting punished. When she asked the Lord why he was there, he allegedly said that while he used to preach to many people, he wasn’t sincere but rather thirsty for the money.

The Lord said that the Pope had denied the presence of hell and now he is aware it is actually real.

Mora then said that the Lord showed her a big screen which enrolled the life of Pope John Paul II. He then told her there was a plethora of money and the pope had a big part in it.

She Saw People In Chains Making Their Way To Hell, Including Michael Jackson

The Lord then showed Mora a tunnel where numbers of persons were walking through. They all had chains on their feet and hands.

Mora noticed some of her family members walking in the line and the Lord told her to go and tell them that they were walking to hell.

She further claims God told her how famous people were coming al the time. One of them was allegedly a man – satanist, and he was said to be Michael Jackson.

Here is a video of the girl’s full testimony:

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