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We Own The Future: Top 6 Breakthroughs Of 2017

In 2017, researchers have developed the technology at a really high level. Starting from artificial intelligence and quantum computing, our last year was full of breakthroughs.

This is a list of six best developments of the past year of 2017:

1. Lamb in a bag

We are starting our list of breakthroughs with this artificial womb that could hold life.

A team of physicians from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia released a study in the journal Nature Communications that has the details of this artificial womb. This finding could possibly be able to save lives in the future.

This invention is actually a transparent bio bag full of a special liquid. The liquid is actually an imitation of the environment inside the uterus.

This device was the home of a 23-week old lamb and its purpose is to help save lives of premature babies in the future. Researchers are currently working on the case to make it possible for human usage too.

2. An embryo was edited for the first time

Genetically modified people perhaps aren’t science fiction anymore. In July 2017, MIT Technology Review said they did an attempt to genetically modify human fetuses with the help of a gene-editing instrument.

Shoukhrat Mitalipov, from the Oregon Health and Science University, led the study. In particular, he edited the DNA of one-cell embryos and showed that it is really possible to change the poor genes – carriers of heritable diseases.

3. Five new particles

This is one of the breakthroughs that belongs to quantum physics. Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in March 2017, found a new system of five particles.

They also provided statistical data to prove their claim. Their discovery is an open window to understand the quantum theories that command the physics of particles in our world and outside it.

4.The future of quantum communication is being acquired

Quantum technologies really made their progress in 2017. For instance, quantum computing was one the biggest improvements.

Researchers from China made a lot of effort in quantum communication and built quantum networks.

From illustrations of quantum involvement from space to sending messages using quantum cryptography, researchers have pointed that a quantum internet future is just around the corner.

5. The future era of reusable rockets

SpaceX is the most famous name when we mention the future of space exploration. This rocket company led by Elon Musk since 2002, put its focus on rocket technology.

Our past year, they were checking many “firsts” off of their improvement agenda.

Namely, among the efforts, most significant was the successful launch of a previously used Falcon 9 rocket booster.

This could mean that the era of reusable rockets has finally come henceforth lowering the costs of the insanely expensive space missions.

On March 2017, SpaceX showed how their Falcon 9 rockets are really reusable. Not only this but also they have a plan for Mars and a renewed BFR rocket.

They work continuously on getting every part of their rockets and spacecraft completely reusable.

6. Trappist-1 is the new stary system that could hold life

Last but not least is one of the biggest breakthroughs that could implicate serious changes in life outside Earth.

Researchers at the European Southern Observatory and NASA stated they discovered seven Earth-like exoplanets located in the habitable space of a star system named Trappist-1.

The Trappist-1 system locates about 39.5 light-years from the Sun, accommodates a red dwarf star more massive than Jupiter.

Astronomers have discussed a lot about the potential of these seven Trappist-1 exoplanets to possibly hold life. However, it is still only a possibility that is yet to be studied.

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