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This Video Shows A Real-Life Mermaid Found In Poland

The mysterious video shows a being that looks like a Mermaid or Merman being withdrawn and taken away from a river by official men in biohazard uniforms.

The footage depicts an event that happened in Poland and involves a group of men in biohazard suits and other apparent medical people.

Even though it lasts for about two minutes, the video shows the men with white uniforms standing around the strange body, and then lifting it up revealing it has a large fishtail.

At this time, the men that are apparently paramedics bring a carrying bed where the other officials put the creature.

The creature is allegedly a Merman because the video later reveals the body has a long beard resting on his chest.

After this, the paramedics turn the bed and carry the Merman to a secret location never explained to the public since the mysterious situation happened.

The video had gone viral online, where a large number of believers said that they found the proof they need to claim mermaids and merman are real. Of course, there were skeptics who labeled the footage as fake.

See the video and decide it up for yourself:

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