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This Video Of A Dying Man Is The Most Horrific Video Of The Year

A video of a dying man was voted to be the most horrific and the most unwatchable and scary video of the year! And it truly is.

Just because of the fact that this video is both so graphic and devastating, it feels like it lasts an eternity when in fact it lasts only 5 minutes.

The dying man’s name is Greg Sims and all of his last five days of agony were caught on camera. The cause of his death was brain cancer back in 2005.

The most horrifying thing about this video is the fact that it is real and not just a movie scene. After all, we all have witnessed death in movies but this time it is different. This is an actual footage of a dying man, his last days in suffering and his actual last breath. IT goes way deeper than just a movie.

Almost all of the people that watched it, couldn’t continue until the end and all of them hit the stop button. The enormous pain and the great suffering are real and not everyone can handle to watch it.

On the video, you can also see the family of the man and their sadness and constant heartbreaks. They just can’t take seeing the man in the agony and the pain that he lives in.

This is the actual video of the dying man so you can watch it if you have the nerves and the courage. The producer and the maker of this video is called Justin Kurzel. You might ask why he did it. Well, he is a part of a campaign that is striving to legalize the right to die known as euthanasia in Australia.

In the time when the video was recorded, the parliament of the state was actually in the mood to negotiate the laws about assisted dying.

He states that he has filmed this video to let the public know what ill people and their families go through in the moments of great suffering. He also states that this suffering will continue unless there are no other choices of ending life.

The author and everyone else behind the campaign believe that terminally ill people or people with incurable diseases such as cancer should have the legal option to end their life because it is their life and they should make their own choices. They believe that the government shouldn’t force people to go through such horrifying events.

The people in the campaign believe that ill people should be allowed to make their own choice while they are mentally competent.

Even the daughter of the dying man, Nia was included in the movie and she also took the courage to speak about the great suffering she and her father had to go through and still reach the same ending. She also wishes that her father should have had the option to leave this world peacefully and without any pain.

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