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This Video Of Demi Moore Kissing A 15-Year-Old Has Gone Viral!

When the new year came by we all hoped that 2017 will be the ear of peace and hope because after a few deaths of celebrities in 2016 we were just not ready for any other.

However, this year had a different turn on events when the viability of peace of the stars in Hollywood was disturbed.

First, Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault after many of his victims, famous actresses, came forward and got the courage to admit the terrible events that have happened to them. After this terrible revelation of truth, the reveal of all the terror in Hollywood has started to show up. His victims inspired courage in other sexual assault victims and many unexpected actors were exposed.

All the allegations against Ed Westwick and Kevin Spacey came in like a tornado and created a mass debate which was happening online. The debate actually villainized all males in power and how they do they use it. 

Well until now, it was only proven that men have used their power over women and sexually assaulted them. The newest accusations are to Demi Moore because of the footage that leaked online and gone viral. This footage is pretty uncomfortable to watch because you can see Demi Moore kissing a 15-year-old boy.

This video was made back in 1982 when Demi Moore was caught constantly kissing her co-star on his 15th birthday party.

She seems like she is not at all unperturbed by the fact that she is actually married and that he is just a young 15-year-old boy.

Demi Moore even admits in an interview that she genuinely cares for him and that she loves him dearly.  She also admits that he makes her happy and that she will love her forever.

Even the young boy admits to the camera that they are in a romantic love and that they are going to get married soon after she splits from her husband. The boy also asks for the media to keep this private until it is actually done. And the funny thing is that Demi Moore really separates from her husband 2 years later.

Even though this video was online many years ago, it got the attention now and just went viral. IT is because of the question of the abuse of power that powerful people like directors, actors and actresses have in their industry.

However, it is very interesting how the public finds this video very cool and they all cheer for the boy who apparently got lucky enough to kiss Demi Moore. They don’t see this as sexual assault. And is it really? When the boy has never expressed himself as a victim and even he himself approved and enjoyed everything he and the famous actresses did?

And there goes the question of double standards again. What if on the place of Demi Moore there was a man and on the place of the boy there was a 15-year-old girl? People would call him a pervert and no one would approve of it!

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