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This Tree Is A True Piece Of Art!

When looking from far, this may seem like an ordinary tree just the same as every other tree in the world. This may not seem like big of a deal to you because there are millions of trees in the world that look like that.

However, if you get closer and take a better look, you will be astonished by this piece of art!

This tree is one of a kind and very, very interesting! Everything about it is just jaw dropping and it is not just the fact that is ancient!

There are over 550 features that are carved into the tree with a total area of around 40 feet! The features are all individually carved. This practice is no surprise in China where carving features that represent some events or culture are carved into old trees and considered to be some kind of monuments.

Of course, the artist of this one of a kind tree is Chinese and very famous Zheng Chunhui.

He gives an interview where he explains the inspiration and the meaning behind the carvings. He admits that completing this piece of art was a real challenge, it took a lot of patience and 4 years to complete!

This masterpiece has thousands of different forms of boats, buildings and bridges all over it. There are 550 types of people all over it.

Can you believe that this sculpture has even earned its place in the Guinness Book because it is believed to be the largest sculpture with wooden carvings!

There is this very famous Chinese painting carved into the tree which makes it even more popular and unique!

This piece of art is considered to have great historical and cultural value because it represents the lives of the Chinese people, their beliefs, their traditions. It is for sure worth all the acknowledgment it gets! If you don’t believe, see it for yourself!

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