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Thorium Powered Car Could Run 100 Years Without Refuelling

Thorium is one of the thickest materials on Earth. The amazing car in the picture is a theoretical view of a thorium-powered car which could move for one hundred years without the need of being refueled.

This material has a large density of about 11.7 grams per cubic meter. Thus, it can stock a grand amount of energy, 20 million times more than the energy collected in coal.

What does this mean? Even a tiny quantity of it can produce the same amount of energy as a large number of fossil fuels can.

Namely, one gram of Thorium is equivalent to 28,000 liters of oil.

If humankind can reach this type of energy, then Thorium will solve its escalating needs of energy. Furthermore, it will lower the immense greenhouse emissions and global warming which as a result of the fossil fuels.

On the negative side, this material is radioactive, so proper regards should be paid to assure the safety of any device ran by it.

A company called Laser Power Systems draw some inspiration from this massive energy source. In detail, they made a theoretical idea for a Thorium-powered car.

This kind of a vehicle could most likely never show a need to refill, not in a hundred years.

In this concept, Laser Power Systems build a laser with this thick material combined with the power spring.

This laser, focused towards the water, serves to heat it to boiling point which normally, creates steam.

The steam turns on a turbine which produces electrical energy. And you can guess what is next. The energy is the power that moves the vehicle.

By combining Thorium into the power mode, Laser Power Systems guarantees that this theoretical car has the possibility to drive for over one hundred years without the need to refill.

In like manner, Laser Power Systems says that this kind of a car will only need 8 grams of Thorium. Also, it will be emission free and will probably be the salvation of global warming.

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