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The Incredible Weight Loss Journey After Cheating From Her Husband

Can you imagine giving birth to an incredible baby daughter, completely sacrificing your body and looks for starting a family with the partner you chose for life, only to find out that he is cheating on you with someone else 2 months later?

For what it’s worse, you find out that not only he is cheating on you, but he and his mistress are making fun of your weight and looks.

Some of you might get mad, take your kids and move on with your life, completely forgetting about that fool that took you for granted, but Betsy Alaya decided that she is better than that and that she is going to prove everyone wrong.

It is then and because of those reasons when her incredible weight loss journey has started.

At the beginning, she weighed 265 pounds. She admits that she started exercising and diets after she was cheated and teased about her looks. She also admits that she has been broken by her husbandโ€™s acts and she felt like her whole world and life is falling apart.

But then, she decided that she will not let this defeat her and that she will prove everyone wrong.

After 2 years and an incredible weight loss journey, she lost 120 pounds and is a Wellness coach now. Can you believe that she is even thankful for that breakup experience?

She believes that experience was a blessing from God and his way to tell her that she needs to take the control in her own hands and that she is worth it. And she really is.

Alaya says that w she is focused on leading a healthy lifestyle and teaching her children to take care of their health and looks and never let anyone else tell them how to look.

Due to the circumstances, she started off her incredible weight loss journey and due to her inspirational story, she has over 70.000 followers on Instagram now!

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