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This Thai Boxer Suffered Skull Fracture After Fatal Hit!

Can you believe how wrong this match went? After a fatal elbow hit, this Thai boxer was left with a skull fracture.

This brutal head injury was visible to everyone and it looked really scary.

This event took place on an ordinary Monday night when his opponent hit him brutally with his elbow. However, the Thai boxer kept on with the fight even though his injury was beyond deadly.

The boxer stated that he didn’t even feel dizzy even though everyone in the public was able to see his skull fracture. He had a very long surgery and he is now in recovery.

Few days after the fight, the public was able to see the videos that have emerged online. Everyone could see the exact moment when the boxer got the hit and ended up with a skull fracture.

Everyone could see that he continued on fighting like nothing ever happened or like he didn’t feel anything at all. However, the doctor stopped the fight for his own well-being.

The doctors report that he will be ok and that he can be back in the ring in a couple of months but he needs to avoid head contact at any costs.

It is really incredible how after such a brutal hit and skull fracture his brain is not injured. Also, the fact that he didn’t even feel dizzy or felt any pain is even more incredible!

Johnny Betts is the name of the man that posted the videos, pictures and the info about the boxer because he knew him personally and trained in the same gym with him.

Johnny admits that the boxer got lucky because his skull fracture was fixed with a titanium plate and he didn’t have any serious brain injuries.


Featured Image Credit: Jonny Betts

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