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Teenager Dies After A Snake Bite!

And not just any snake, but his pet snake! This Indonesian teenager got this crazy idea of getting a cobra snake as a pet but little did he know that it was going to end tragically for him.

The name of the teenager is Aril and he died 12 hours after a snake bite! His pet cobra bit him while he was trying to make a selfie with it in order to brag about it on the social media.

He was just 14 years old when he decided to get famous by bragging that he has a cobra for his pet. He posted his first selfie with a caption “ why not smile a little” just moments before the deadly snake bite happened.

Credit: Asia Wire


The craziest thing about this story is that the boy posted the second picture just moments after he got bit by his pet cobra. You can see the bite, blood and a shoelace he used hoping to stop the venom from spreading out. He even wrote a caption that said: “ between life and death”. However, it is very likely that the teenager believed that this Cobra is not dangerous.

There were also some reports saying that Aril also wrote a post where he begged anyone who considered him as a friend to come and take him to the hospital.

Credit: Asia Wire
Credit: Asia Wire

When someone finally came to take him to the hospital he was already gone because of this deadly snake bite. Everything the doctors did and all the emergency revival techniques they used, were useless.

It was later revealed that this boy owned more than a dozen of snakes as his home pets. All of these snakes were fatal to a human’s life and all of them were dangerous. Yet, no one knew the answer to why did a teenage boy live with deadly snakes?


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