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Teen Tries To Look Like Her Idol Angelina Jolie But Is Rather Marked As ‘Zombie’

A 19-year-old Iranian teen, Sahar Tabar, has become famous overnight after she shared her ruinous story. She claims to have done over 50 plastic surgeries so she looks exactly like her idol Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie became famous long back in the 80’s. She is an actress, filmmaker and a humanitarian. Thus, it’s not weird people around the world to consider her as a good example.

Many people try to imitate her; however, this woman went beyond that and did everything to physically look like her.

Sahar Tabar, from Tehran, Iran, hopelessly wanted to have the identical look like her idol Angelina Jolie.

Moreover, to achieve this, she claims to have passed more than 50 surgeries and shared her story on Instagram where she has more than 300.000 followers.

According to Belgian media, which reported Sahar’s account in details, the girl has also dropped 40kg in just a few months to copy the Hollywood actress.

No one confirmed whether the teen’s surgeries are accurate or she just added special effect makeup and camera tricks.

This is Sahar Tabar before she underwent to her rather an unsuccessful journey to resemble her idol, Angelina Jolie.

Her movement was however judged by the wide public because her look looks slightly scary. Some of her observers said her photos make them feel sick, and other labeled her as a ‘zombie.

Some people even made an obvious comparison with the Tim Burton’s corpse bride.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

“You look like a dead person,” one said.

Another one added: “I’m so confused – is this a Halloween costume or filter?”

Unfortunately, barely anyone thinks Sahar like Angelina Jolie but more like a walking corpse. Check out her photos down below.

We just can’t deny the fact the newly viral star looks even sick in the images, as she strives to imitate Angelina.

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