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Talking To Yourself Does Not Make You Crazy But A Genius!

Talking to yourself

The actual proof of this fact is himself, Albert Einstein! The world famous genius has been well known to talk to himself all the time!

If you believe that he is an exception and you are still not convinced read the 4 reasons why you are not crazy if you are talking to yourself!

  1. If you know your needs and goals, talking to yourself is very helpful!

You need to remember that this only works if you are sure and very convinced of your goals and future plans! In this case, talking to yourself out loud and repeating your future goals will only help you to feel better and even gain confidence! However, on the other hand, if you are confused and if you don’t have it all figured out, speaking out loud to yourself may and for sure will lead to a greater confusion which can be a true disaster! Which is why we advise you to make sure you are ready for such step and learn more about it in order to utilize this practice which is proven to be very effective!

  1. When talking to yourself your brain gets more effective and efficient

This is real and true! A research done by great psychologists has proven this practice and who are we to deny it? Talking loudly to yourself is very beneficial and can help you be more organized and focused. With time you will be able to memorize faster and have a better memory than ever before. This, of course, will lead to you being more effective and far more efficient.

  1. Did you know that children learn by talking to themselves?

There is no secret that newborns learn how to speak by listening to adults and later trying to replicate what they say. So why did we stop doing this while growing up? It is obviously a very effective way of learning and remembering faster? These are the reasons why we need to develop this practice of creating our own inner voice and learn how to control it. We need that voice in order to repeat important or stuff we need to remember and learn in ourselves. This can even help if you talk your way through a hard procedure or a task.

  1. Talking to yourself will help you in achieving your aspirations

AS unrealistically this may sound, it really works. Start by making your own list of aspirations and future goals. Make the time once a week when you are going to read your goals out loud and talk about how and what are you going to do in order to achieve that. This practice will help you in order to reinforce your message and even control your emotion, focus your attention. How can this be crazy?

All we know is that research, phycologists and even Albert Einstein are proofs that talking to yourself, if done right, maybe the best thing you could do for yourself!

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