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The Strangest Science Discoveries Of 2017

The year of 2017 was literally overflowing with weird science discoveries. We made a small collection of the top ten strangest ones. See for yourself and enjoy.

1.Flatworm with two heads

After going beyond Earth in the space, some flatworms (Dugesia japonica) experienced some radical changes. Namely, one of them grew two heads, each one at the ends of its body.

Others had different reactions to water and different microbial societies than the ones that didn’t go into space.

These science discoveries of the flatworms show that microgravity can impact quite much on the warms and their biological system.

2. From fatberg to fuel

Fatberg is just like an iceberg, only imagine the ice is kitchen oils, diapers and other flushed garbage.

So, this fatberg appeared in London and the U.K officials didn’t know what to do with it. Later, they announced they are going to extract it and turn into biodiesel.

Biodiesels are generally better for the environment than the fossil fuels and it’s clear why this fatberg ranks number two in our scientific discoveries of 2017.

Image Credit: Thames Water

3. The Viking Warrior was a fierce woman

The remains of a Viking warrior were found on the island of Björkö, in Sweden.

Scientists thought that this warrior, buried with arrows and swords, is a male. However, in 2017 they examined the DNA and found out it’s actually a woman.

The discovery opened a discussion about the role of women in the Viking society.


Illustration by Evald Hansen based on the original plan of grave Bj 581 by excavator Hjalmar Stolpe

4. Strange jelly-like blobs

Scientists are baffling around the mysterious giant, jelly-like blobs seen in Norway.

It remains uncertain whether the blobs are an egg mass or something completely different.

The translucent blobs are 3.3 feet. However, scientists still haven’t examined these science discoveries thoroughly to be sure what they represent.

Image Credit: Ronni B Bekkemellem

5. Chimpanzee maternity leave

Just a while after a female chimpanzee gave birth, another male chimpanzee stole her child and cannibalized it.

Likewise, this event may explain why some other female monkeys left the group before giving birth.

The next time the female chimp gave birth, she went on maternity leave to successfully deliver and save her newborn.

6. Moscow Mule in a copper mug

There is a reason why you shouldn’t drink Moscow Mule in a copper cup.

The cocktail is a mix of vodka, squeezed limes, ginger beer and ice cubes.

This drink is acidic with a low pH and if served in a copper mug, could lead to copper poisoning, according to a study by Iowa’s Alcoholic Beverages Divison.

7. Deepest lizard-like fish predator

Fish that live in deep in the sea are always strange, mostly because people don’t seem them very often.

One of the scientific findings of 2017 was the toothy lizardfish (Bathysaurus ferox). Fishermen in Australia caught this fish by mistake inside his net.

These types of fishes are predators that bury themselves in grounds of the ocean and wait for the victims so they can attack them.

Image Credit: Caters News Agency

8. Strange subatomic event

The subatomic event almost remained as a secret because two physicists were afraid it is too critical to be revealed.

The discovery was indeed dangerous. The two scientists showed that two small bits called bottom quarks could join together in a strong flash.

This flash would reach three things: a massive subatomic fragment, a thin fragment called a nucleon and a giant mixture of energy discharged into the universe.

This explosion can be more influential than the nuclear fusion reactions themselves.

9. Volcanic condemnation

A study made by climate experts claims a volcanic eruption might have doomed ancient Egypt.

The aerosols that a volcanic eruption releases could disrupt weather designs, including the monsoons in Egypt.

Drier monsoon period may have reduced Nile flooding, managing to lower the crops and the hunger.

10. Killing neurons

You probably didn’t know that while you study, your brain produces new cells and then quickly kills some of them.

This concept of neuron-killing is a way to justify why the brain grows and narrows when it learns.

The neuron slaughter isn’t as horrible as it sounds. The brain is just getting rid of unnecessary cells to preserve new information.


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