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The Strange Disappearance Of Kris Kremers And Lisanne Froon

In 2014, April 1st, Kris and Lisanne went in the Panamanian jungle to walk the dog and since then, they are nowhere to be found. Their disappearance is not yet explained.

Kris and Lisanne are students from the Netherlands and as their family reported they have planned this trip for so long and they couldn’t wait to go to Panama where they would use some time as vacation and volunteer. Both of them liked hiking and also they helped the local kids learn Spanish.

Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers

These two women loved hiking the Panamanian jungle and they even intended to stay a bit longer than they actually planned because they just loved the place.

However, no one ever saw them again after they waved their last goodbye to their host family in 11 in the morning.

The next morning, the family immediately contacted the authorities that the two girls were gone missing. Everyone searched for the village and the forest also but there was not a trace to be found.

Even detective from the Netherlands came and searched for the forests but unfortunately, nothing was found. It was like the disappeared from the face of the Earth. And days, weeks, months passed by and there still wasn’t any sign of them.

One of the last photos taken from their phone.

Then when the police even lost hope, a woman turned a blue backpack that she had found in the forest. It was proven that the backpack belonged to Froon.

Inside the backpack, the police found a camera and two phones. They immediately started investigating them in hope of finding out the truth of what really happened to them.

The backpack, recovered in a rice paddy along the banks of the river in Boquete.

What the police found out in the call log of the phone was beyond disturbing. They discovered that both of the girls have tried to reach out the police and call for emergency 120 times of which not one was successful! The first of the calls were just hours apart from when they left and went hiking.

It was also discovered that someone tried to enter their phone a couple of times with different PIN but they never managed to do it.

However, what was found in the photo album was far more disturbing and horrifying than the call log. Photos of their personal belongings splattered around the forest and also bones.

One of the pictures taken in the night.

After the police researched the place where the backpack was found, they have discovered the bodies or the leftovers of the bodies of the two young girls. Their bone legs were buried with their shoes on. It was a horrifying scene.

When the police gathered all the evidence and questioned everyone that was seen or was hiking on that forest in the exact same they when the girls were missing, they soon realized and stated that they don’t have anything and any suspect of who might have done this terrible act.

Left, the boot found with Froon’s foot still inside. Right, her pelvic bone, recovered near the backpack.

Until today, their disappearance and terrible death stay a mystery. Many questions are left unanswered, for example, why did the murderer leave a backpack with their personal belongings and their cell phones for the police to find?


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