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Squirrel Accidentally Eats Magic Mushrooms, Gets Drugged And Survives A Legendary Journey

When a random squirrel ate magic mushrooms, not on purpose, the outcome was very dramatic. The animal was left completely disabled.

When cannabis is consumed, its effects are more powerful and the person experiences a weird situation famous as “greening out.” Many people reported paranoid feelings, feelings of other people wanting to kill them and after this. they experience a spaced-out trance.

However, the narcotic’s effects are distinctive on different people, but what it’s common is the effects are definitely detrimental. That is why mentally sound people don’t give drugs to animals. It’s abusive.

When a random squirrel ate magic mushrooms, not on purpose, the outcome was very dramatic. A small quantity of the drugs is enough to intoxicate a normal human body, so imagine, the squirrel was left completely disabled.

A dog walker who found the squirrel noticed that the animal was suffering a crucial disorder. At the beginning, she supposed the squirrel has been assaulted by another animal, but she later saw the mushroom area and realized what went on.

People who experienced magic mushrooms have spoken a lot about their unwanted secondary effects, but the number one was definitely the hallucination.

However, the squirrel’s life was not in danger because there are no recorded fatal cases of consuming magic mushrooms.

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