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The Soul Doesn’t Die! It Goes Back To The Universe

soul doesn’t die

This discovery is as astonishing as it sounds and the scientists that found out that the soul doesn’t die, swear that they have proof! Again, this proves the theory that our bodies and minds are really like a biological computer.

This actually means that our consciousness is similar to a program which is run by a computer within our brains.

Scientists that analyzed what happens to our bodies and souls after we die say that even though our bodies are dead, our soul continues to live in the universe. So its official, our soul doesn’t die!

American physicist Dr. Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose claim that our soul is maintained in our brain cells. They explain this in a very simple way. They say that after our bodies are clinically dead, the brain cells and the microtubules in them lose their quantum state yet, they still contain the information inside.

If you want to learn more about this you can watch the documentary where the doctors elaborate this subject and try to explain what they believe is the truth. They elaborate that when our blood stops flowing and our heart stops beating the information in our blood cells cannot really be destroyed so it dissipates in the universe! It sounds pretty simple but how can we prove that the soul doesn’t die?

The doctors say that this can be proven when a patient is revived meaning that when a person dies and the heart stopped beating even for 2 seconds the information in the blood cells remained nevertheless the person was dead.

Believe it or not, this theory can actually explain a lot of things we were not quite sure about. It is up to you if you are going to embrace this theory that the soul doesn’t die!

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