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Sleeping On Your Left Side Affects Your Health And This Is How

Can you believe that your sleeping position has a great impact on your health? Well, it does and it is better for you to find out now than later.

Sleeping on your left side or any other sleeping position has the ability to cause sleep apnea, muscle cramping or neck and back pain. Some of the positions can even cause heartburn and headaches or tummy troubles. Another very interesting thing is that some of them can even cause premature wrinkles!

Every one of us has different favorite sleeping positions but the most common ones are backside and stomach positions. Sleeping on your favorite side gives you the comfort to rest and decrease the chances to have interrupted sleep.

According to science and research, doctors claim that the best way to position yourself is sleeping on your left side and enjoy its benefits. You could at least try to do it.

  1. Very beneficial for pregnant women

Sleeping on your left side when pregnant provides you to get more and better sleep as well as helps you to boost your metabolism. It even helps you boost a better circulation of your blood. Another great benefit of it is the fact that it saves the liver by any unwanted weights.

  1. Provides normal heart function

It makes it easier for your heart to function properly when sleeping on your left side because the left side of your heart pumps the blood towards the body. Another win-win situation is that your circulatory system uses the gravity for its own benefit.

  1. Improves the function of the Spleen

The spleen belongs to the lymphatic system which is located on the left side of your body. So when sleeping on the left side your spleen functions properly and better!

  1. It helps the liver not to congest

If you sleep longer on the right side, where the liver is located, it may become overcrowded and it may give you a feeling of discomfort. When sleeping on the other side it helps your body to get the toxins neutralized by the liver.

  1. Prevents heartburns at night

If you are keen on having heartburns than sleeping on your left side will be the best thing you could do for yourself! It is the best position to sleep in and keep your stomach placed below the cardiac sphincter.

  1. Improves the drainage of the Lymphatic System

This system has an important role in our bodies which is to remove all the toxins and impurities out of it. So when sleeping on your left side you allow your system to better drain your body. This actually means that this position will help you accelerate the removal of toxins out of your body and help you get healthier than ever.

  1. Boosts your gut to get rid of waste products

Sleeping on your left side boosts the proper elimination of all the waste products and helps you get a regular bowel movement.

Try sleeping on your left side and enjoy the benefits!

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