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The Size Of Your Pinky Finger Will Reveal Your True Self!

Can you believe that only the size of your pinky finger can tell you everything you need to know about yourself? This art is called palmistry and it is very famous actually.

However, it takes a lot of time and patience to understand it. Which is why in this article we will help you reveal your true self by the size of your pinky finger!

By now you are probably wondering why this out of all our fingers? Well, it is because of the fact that each of our fingers has a different type of energy. You might know that also our palms are seen as maps of our present and future as well as all the positive and negative sides.

The little finger, mostly known by Pinky is connected with the planet Mercury. In order to reveal your true self you need to compare your little finger with your ring finger which is connected with the Apollo planet.

The length and the shape of our little finger will reveal your true self, believe it or not!

Lower Height

If your pinky finger is shorter than the joint of your ring finger means that you are very emotional and in fact, overwhelmed by your emotions lately. This also represents that you have regrets about doing things differently in past situations. Most of the people that have this sing are empaths and they believe that only a few people can understand them. If you are one of these people then you probably have trouble expressing and revealing your true emotions which is why we recommend you to start writing a novel about all the feeling and thoughts that go through your head. This exercise of writing will help you to start thinking more objectively in the future.

Equal Height

If your pinky finger and the joint of your ring finger are the same height means that you have made the balance between the introvert and the extrovert qualities. This actually means that you always try to express your feelings in a good way and never get angry or annoyed. This is a great sign to have. IT represents that you have the complete control over your behavior and that you are an honest person. In most of the times, you react very calm and think through everything. You should start laughing more and expressing your warm heart!

Higher Height

If the pinky finger is higher than the joint of your ring finger it will reveal your true self as an extrovert and one very social person. You are naturally capable of attracting people even though most of the times you try to avoid them. Even since you were a kid, everyone wanted to play with you. This actually means that you are very good at connecting with different types of people and you are a born leader. However, you need to learn how to make a balance between yours and others feelings.

Which one of these three is you? Do you now believe that the simplest thing such as the pinky finger can reveal your true self?

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