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Shocking – Magic Trick Went Wrong: Magician Kills His Wife With Chainsaw

The magic trick that involves magicians cutting off their helpers with a saw in a half is one of the oldest tricks in the magic show’s history. However, the following case went completely on the wrong way.

During the course of time, the magic tricks have been changing a lot. Particularly this magic trick, it started with small saws, after that a bigger saw, ultimately ending up with a dangerous chainsaw.

This hopeful magician had his wife as an assistant and decided to use a chainsaw to prove his magic capabilities. He didn’t though since his trick gone tragic.

The woman apparently tried to warn him, but the loud public, the chainsaw’s noise, and the strong lights made him unable to hear or see anything. And that’s how the prank resulted in a disaster.

Seemingly, the amateur magician didn’t know his assistant was stuck and was not able to do the proper position to perform the magic trick.

The amateur magician ran the chainsaw across her neck, killing her accidentally right in front of the public’s eyes.

Of course, there are people who say the video is a typical hoax. However, no one really ever confirmed whether it’s accurate or not. You have the video below so you can decide for yourself.


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