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Shocking – British Researchers Finally Confirmed That The Cancer Disease Is Man-made

Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe, the cancer disease is made by humans? Well, believe it or not, a recent study has even proved this to be true.

These researchers are made in the United Kingdom by the University of Manchester and after years of dedicated studies and work, the researchers there stated that they finally have the proof which proves that the cancer disease is really made by man.

Some of these researchers and studies have proven that 1 of 3 people is very likely to get cancer. These results and statistics were devastating.

Mummies, fossils and classical literature were all studies and investigated while these researchers were in the process.

According to by the results, this terrible disease is fueled by the excesses of today’s modern life. This is not that surprising because tumors were really rare disease back in the past and there has to be some kind of connection. The terrible cancer disease began to appear more often just because of the excess of technology, the laziness and the bad habits as well as the poor diet of people.

When the Egyptian mummies were studied, it was concluded that not a single one of them have had cancer.

Some even say that the lack of the cancer disease among the Egyptians is because of the fact that they had a really short lifespan. Also, the ancient Egyptian text doesn’t say anything about cancer or tumors. It is almost like this disease was completely unfamiliar to them.

It was also believed that it was the ancient Greeks who found out the cancer disease first. They were also the first people to make a difference between malignant and benign tumors.

Michael Zimmerman was the head man of this study and he stated that the situation was really weird because according to logic, there should have been a lot more evidence of this disease in the past because there was no surgical intervention.

He also indicated that all the societies that were later affected by modern industrialization were more likely to get this disease.

Rosalie David was the name of the professor that also has a major role in this analysis. She made a simple comparison by stating that nowadays the cancer disease is the second after the cardiovascular disease as a cause of death when in the ancient times this disease was extremely rare. So the question is, how did the cancer disease appear if there is nothing in the natural environment that can actually cause cancer? She claims that this disease has to be manmade due to the pollution we cause as well as the bad lifestyles we lead.

She also firmly claims that we are responsible for all of these diseases and that we should be at least aware of the history and how our ancestors lived. We need to start taking better care of our overall health and start maintaining minimum physical activity.


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