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These Sexual Traditions Will Shock You!

In the United States, offering girls a drink in a bar and flirting with them is the ultimate ritual on hitting women in order to get them to go home with you.

This is actually a pretty normal way to do it but there are truly shocking sexual traditions in the world that men or women do in order to get the one they desire. Some of them even feel bizarre, however, it is their society culture, tradition and to them, it is a completely normal thing to do.

We have prepared a list of some of the most shocking sexual traditions that exist:

  1. The semen-drinking tribe

Yes, the Sambians (Sambia people) really do drink semen as weird as it sounds!

  1. A temporary marriage

This is the modern Iranian culture. It is the only place where you can have a temporary marriage for as long as you want and with whoever you want as long as you pay for it. Simple as that.

  1. Exchanging the wives

Eskimos are people that live in the Arctic region of North America and they exchange their wives in order to confuse split ends. They also have many other strange practices in common for example they are most famous for the sex hospitality they provide.

  1. Kids start having sexual intercourses at 6

This one may be the weirdest one of all sexual traditions. The islanders from Papua guinea are not ashamed to admit that they like sex and they have it from the age of 6. Wow.

  1. Brothers share a wife

This community is very well known by the name of polyandrous societies and they still do exist.

  1. Bundling

Even in America and Europe this strange sexual tradition still does exist where the parents place a bundling board between the couple in the bed and they sleep with separate blankets.


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