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Scientists Explain Why People Experience Deja Vu

The French term deja vu is a subconscious phenomenon which can occur to over 70% of the alive beings in the world. You all have heard about it, but why does it happen?

The mysterious feeling of experiencing a deja vu has symptoms of slow-motioned time. While happening, we perceive the new information as we already experienced it before in the past.

Researchers have suggested a few ‘blame’ to take situations. These include paranormal disturbances and neurological disorders. Some of them even went further and mentioned numerous universes coexisting with ours.

When the feeling of deja vu arises, it comes along with a mysterious sensation of being under a strange influence. This energy insinuates this event has happened before.

According to a recent study by the Department of Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics at the University of Texas A & M, this wonder has occurred in about 70% of the world population.

“Because no clear, identifiable stimulus elicits a deja vu experience – it is a retrospective report from an individual – it is very difficult to study deja vu in a laboratory,” points out Michelle Hook, a professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine.

“According to many studies, about two-thirds of people have experienced at least one episode of ‘déjà vu’ in their life,” said Dr. Michelle Hook.

Nevertheless, on a scientific level, researchers have stated various explanations.

Chiefly, the specified that the feeling of deja vu happens when a certain group of neurons in the brain, connected with the memory and comprehension produces confusion between the past and the present.

In addition, Dr. Hook implied the deja vu is a product of a processing problem in the brain’s ‘neural alleys’.

Scientists describe this phenomenon in the following manner:

The information travels through various pathways before arriving in the cortical zones of the brain. The information moving through different ‘paths’ normally reaches the brain at the same time.

But, there are cases of an anomaly when information doesn’t reach the brain at the same time. These are the cases of deja vu.

“Some scientists suggest that when a difference in processing occurs along these pathways, the perception is disrupted and is experienced as two separate messages. The brain interprets the second version – coming through the slowed secondary pathway – as an independent experience. That is when the inappropriate feeling of deja vu occurs,” Hook explains.

According to Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist, the reason for the mysterious phenomenon are the parallel universes. He says that quantum physics grants the basic details that deja vu might be the ability to “flip between different universes.”

Professor Steve Weinberg, a Nobel Prize winner, also believes in the multiverse theory. The multiverse theory or the theory of other universes suggests that in the same room there are numerous parallel realities.

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