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Scientists Discovered A Dead Body And Died One By One After That

The story about Otzi the Iceman has a rather disturbing narrative. Apparently, on September 19, 1991, German tourists Helmut and Erika Simon went for a hiking journey in the Alps on the Austrian-Italian border.

On their little road trip, they didn’t expect to find what they did: a frozen body of a man who presumably died in the recent past. The body was found to be Otzi, a man who likely died between 3239 and 3105 BCE.

Otzi’s mummified remains were surprisingly maintained very well. This stunning discovery conducted a legal battle between Austria and Italy since it was relevant to the humankind’s distant past. However, all this was followed by mysterious disasters that happened to everyone who had a contact with Otzi.

The discussion about the curse of Otzi is active even today. On one side, there is just too much evidence that points out the truthfulness of this real-life curse. On the other hand, all the accidents could have been a strange coincidence. It’s up to you to decide how the legendary Iceman is connected with all the tragedies.

Otzi was killed and wanted revenge

The first question after his remains were found was how did he lose his life? Researchers at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Italy found evidence that he was murdered. Their evidence showed that he probably was left to bleed to death after he was stabbed with an arrow in his subclavian artery. So our question is: Could the ghost of Otzi be hungry for vengeance?

Otzi’s excavation lasted for four days

The terrible weather conditions prolonged Otzi’s dig up until September 23. However, the fact he spent 4,000 years frozen, four days were not so much. That is not so important, but rather the fact that he was nudged, provoked and photographed might have ruined his peaceful rest in the ice. Could have the curse’s start be a result of removing him from his resting area?

Rainer Henn lost his life in a car accident while headed to give a speech about Otzi

Mr. Henn was the man who did the work of placing Otzi’s frozen remains into a body bag. Did he pay this activity with his own life?

In 1992, Rainer was going to a conference where he was supposed to give a speech about Otzi. Dreadfully, he never managed to reach the place since he was involved in a tragic car crash. Henn was the first possible victim of the curse of Otzi.

Kurt Fritz died in a flood

Fritz was one of the leading researchers to Otzi’s remains and he also arranged their transportation. He lost his life in a flood in 1993 when he was 52-years-old.

Fritz was out for a trip with an expedition group and he was the only one from it that died in the flood. Knowing the fact he was an experienced guide and leader, we ask ourselves, pure coincidence or maybe not?

Helmut Simon lost his life in the Alps

Remember Helmut Simon? He was the one who along with his wife found Otzi in the first place. He attracted a lot of the media’s attention and off course; they got a monetary reward for their amazing discovery.

Tragically, he was also allegedly part of Otzi’s curse since in 2004 he disappeared while hiking in the Alps. He has fallen more than 300 feet to his death and it took eight days for the searchers to find him.

Dieter Warnecke died a few hours after Simon’s funeral

Even though Mr. Warnecke was not part of the initial team of Otzi’s excavation, his possible connection with the events is that he was the leader of the research team which searched for Simon’s body. Just a few hours after Simon’s funeral, the 45-year-old Warnecke suffered a heart attack and died.

Konrad Spindler made a joke about the apparent curse and lost his life right after

The world expert on Otzi, Konrad Spindler, didn’t believe there is such thing as a curse. He even made a statement to the media, applying it is pure rubbish and media promotion. “The next thing you will be saying I will be next,” he added.

Yes, actually, he really was the next person to die. Due to his multiple sclerosis, he lost his life in 2005.

Rainer Holz died of a brain tumor

The only person allowed to shoot the recovery of Otzi and make a documentary about it was Rainer Hlz. Did he do a radical mistake? He might do because shortly after the documentary, he died out of a brain tumor.


Tom Loy passed away from a blood disease

Tom Loy was the first man who discovered important evidence on Otzi’s clothing. Various blood types found on it pointed out the fact the Iceman had died in the middle of a savage fight. Ironically enough, Loy died from a blood disease, diagnosed right after he started analyzing Otzi’s remains.

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