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This Samurai Wrote 20 Rules Of Life And They Will Definitely Change You! – part 1

A Japanese Buddhist agrees on the fact that each person has his own unique life and no one should compare their life to the life of others. However, he believes that there are these 20 rules for life that one must follow if one desires to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Miyamoto Musashi is the name of the samurai who uses his last days to write down the rules of life he believed had the power to change one’s life. He also states that he lived by those rules and because of them he is an expert swordsman renowned warrior.

These rules of life are incredibly inspirational and if you don’t believe it, see for yourself:

  1. Abandon any obsession in order to achieve pleasure

Musashi believes that one should live life in the moment and that we should enjoy our pleasures as they come and not just strive for them endlessly. He means that we all as humans have cravings for chasing down our pleasures and doing everything we must do in order to achieve our dreams. We do that when it comes to our job in order to get promotions and we all have become obsessed with sexual pleasure.

  1. Learn to accept life as it comes

Acceptance is one of the most important and yet most difficult one of the rules of life. We need to acknowledge the fact that stress and anxiety are all parts of life and we need to move on. We need to take more care of our mental health and accept what life has given to us.

  1. Don’t act on an impulsive emotion

Even though we are often told to follow our hearts and our emotions, the samurai says that we need to do the complete opposite! According to him, following your heart and emotions can lead to making some really bad mistakes and wrong decisions. He advises that we shouldn’t rely on our impulses because that is all that they really are, impulses.

  1. Never allow jealousy to rule your own life!

Jealousy is one of the strongest forms of hatred and you shouldn’t let it occupy you! The world made out of jealousy will destroy you sooner or later. He advises that instead of being jealous of others you should simply strive to be thankful for what you already have! Gratitude is important.

  1. Don’t obsess over yourself

Nowadays with all the technology and social media, we got obsessed with our online presence and choosing the perfect selfie. These things got us so distracted that we forgot all the things that really matter in life. We need a better perception of what really is important and we need to do that by simply separating our ego from ourselves and stop striving for perfection.

These were just 5 of the 20 very important and inspirational rules of life that Musashi wrote. You can continue reading the rest of them in our next post!


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