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Russian Scientists Introduce Liquid Breathing Science

People have been delighted by the fish and their ability to breathe underwater. We still don’t have that possibility, but Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin, has an intention to change this once and for all by establishing so-called liquid breathing.

The humankind could have a lot of advantages if they are able to do breathe underwater.

For instance, there will be a lower percentage of drowning and industries such as shellfish diving could become more useful.

Liquid breathing technology means filling the lungs with a liquid heavy in oxygen which can then invade the bloodstream.

Liquid breathing is a type of respiration in which a normally air-breathing organism breathes an oxygen-rich liquid.

The first test included a dog which got used to the new water environment and started breathing

So, the initial experience turned out to be successful. The team set a Daschund dog in the interior in a special liquid-filled container.

And when everyone thought that it’s going to die slowly, the animal simply adapted to the new environment and started breathing as usual.

When the researchers separated the dog from the liquid, they wiped it with a towel and waited for the results. The dog, however, remained in an absolutely excellent state.

The project’s leader, Fedor Arseniev, said that this kind of technology could be very beneficial for the saving of the sailors who die as collateral damage of shipwrecks and sinking.

Anyway, there is also a concern about the decompression ailment. Namely, rising above 100 meters very fast to get back to the surface can sometimes be lethal.

Under those circumstances, in the intended submarine, people can wear a special instrument that won’t hold sickness causing nitrogen. This will allow them to come back to surface safe and sound.

Liquid breathing is a type of respiration in which a normally air-breathing organism breathes an oxygen-rich liquid.

Some people think the method is a way of enabling humans to survive long-term space travel too.

We hope one day this project to grow on a global level so everyone will be capable of swimming like a real fish.

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