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Is This Rock An Outer Space Message?

Not long ago a very enigmatic object was discovered around the Roswell crash sites and people say that the object contains some very weird properties. Yet no one is really sure if it contains an outer space message or if it is an alien key.

This very strange object was found by an ordinary man that was hunting in the area when he saw a rock covered in dirt. When he took it and cleaned the dirt of off it, he saw some very strange symbols and in the exact same moment, he knew that he has found something special. There were two circles craved in the stone like two crescent moons.

He stated that it was pretty obvious that this rock was made by someone very intelligent and with advanced skills because it was so perfectly done. When he called the authorities for what he has found they made a research and they even stated that the Roswell crash sites may actually be of alien origin. A lot of people actually believed that this object contained a very important outer space message.

Others thought that this object belonged to aliens who crashed on the site thousands of years ago and this object was hidden in the crash site since then.

When the researchers inspected the cravings of the rock they have concluded that the circles are mirrored and both of them are encircled.

Some believe that the circles represent the Sun and the Moon. Other believe that this rock actually signifies major changes that are coming among us.

Many people actually have proofs that this object is an alien key and they believe that there must be a doorway that this key can unlock. But until now neither the outer space message version or the alien key version has been proven to be real.

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