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Robin Williams’s Wife Finally Tells The Truth To The Public

It has been more than a year now that the amazing and worshiped actor Robin Williams has passed away and his wife had finally got the courage to open to the public about his husband’s death.

In an Interview, his wife opens up and speaks about her husband’s problems which were apparently much bigger than depression. She stated that the depression was only one layer of his very serious and deep condition.

She explained and described her marriage with Robin Williams as full filing and happy one. She states that he was the love of her life. “It’s the best love I’ve ever dreamed of… a love would be based on just honor, love, respect.” She also admits to the public in tears.

Susan cannot hold her tears back when speaking and remembering the moments when she realized that she lost him forever. She found out after the maid called her to tell her that Robin is not yet awake and when Susan told her to wake him up she listened to the maid tell her the terrible news and screamed for an hour. She admits that his death came as a shock to her even though they were going through a nightmare and even though Robin Williams has been experiencing some problems.

It is in this interview when Susan decided to tell nothing but the truth to the public so she revealed the real reason for his death.

Apparently, Robin started experiencing hard gut pain since 2013 and it was then when all the things got worse and worse. Since then he started feeling even greater pain and numerous of suffering symptoms.

In 2014 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and his wife Susan admits that she was her heart was breaking while she was looking at her best friend destroying himself.

She also admits that she never ever thought that her husband might be suicidal.

It was then when Robin’s autopsy revealed that he was suffering from a progressive brain disorder called Lewy body dementia. People that suffer from this disease are very likely to experience some dramatic changes in behavior and emotions which probably lead Robin Williams into suicide. These people also experience memory failure and many other, horrific symptoms.

Susan also published this medical essay in which Robin’s condition is explained as well as all the possible causes and symptoms that may have led him taking his life away. This essay also includes some very dramatic moments of their lives such as admitting that Robin started slowly losing his mind and how Susan couldn’t help him in any way possible.

She also admits that she decided to share Robin Williams’s story and the cause of his death in order to help others with similar conditions and inspire others into turning this tragic story into a motivational one.

She just wanted to turn Robin’s suffering into something meaningful and inspirational.


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