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Rihanna Blocked From Entering Senegal On The Ground She Is Illuminati

According to the reports, numerous activists vehemently barred Rihanna from arriving into the West African nation of Senegal on account of her association with the Illuminati.

Many superstars, including her, are the common targets of conspiracy theorists who claim the stars are part of the Illuminati.

Allegedly, the group consists wealthy celebrities, bankers and politicians who secretly rule the world.

As local news reported, the objection was rather violent. Protestants claimed Rihanna has initiated herself to the Illuminati – the vague group directed towards forming a New World Order.

Politicians and religious leaders stood behind the protestors in the country. They also pulled for blocking Rihanna’s visit to Senegal, claiming she allegedly is an Illuminati member.

“Rihanna doesn’t hide it: she’s part of the Illuminati, a branch of Freemasons,” Senegalese representative Cheikh Oumar Diagne told the Guardian.

The famous pop singer, however, told the media she has arrived as an “Ambassador of Peace”. She further intended to visit the French president Emmanuel Macron during her visit to the West African nation.

Then again, Diagne insists the encounter between her and the French president matches the same date of a Freemasons’ convention in Dakar.

Rihanna asserted her meeting with the President is related to The Global Partnership for Education. This corresponds to the objectives of The Clara Lionel Foundation, whose aspiration is to raise money for handicapped children in developing countries.

However, Diagne claims he has a secret information that they are both going to the secret convention, where they will fraternize with the rest of the elite members.

Many times has Rihanna’s alleged membership in the Illuminati inspired controversy in the past few years.

While being in her birthplace of Barbados in December, the pop star was seen teaching children to pray to Satan.

“The definition of stupidity is doing something over and over again when it isn’t working,” she told a group of children at an event celebrating her life.

“If Jesus hasn’t answered your prayers, try praying to Satan,“  she added soon after.

Rihanna’s vicious exhortation is not visible only in her newest public loafing. Following her career as an R&B singer, she recreated her concept and adopted dark spirituality. Moreover, she was reflecting Satanic hand gestures and encouraging Illuminati symbolism.

In the end, Rihanna’s visit to Senegal went edged forward. She arrived at the conference with President Macron. Senegal’s president Macky Sall gave a speech to the attendees as well.

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