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Researchers May Found The Biological Mechanism To Shut Off Or Reduce Hunger

Hunger is not just a feeling; it’s something that comes from our mind too. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania explained how neurons that reply to our eating habits might reduce hunger and help us deal the overweight.

Right now, around 36,5% (1/3) of the people living in the States are dealing with obese. The percentage gets larger with the people who undergo in the overweight section. Moreover, this is not just an issue in the USA, but all over the world. In 2016, over 1.9 billion adults had a problem with their weight.

However, we present you the recent study that claims it might contribute an answer to “shut off” the body’s biological hunger.

This research was published in the journal Cell Reports and it was conducted by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. Their research object was the natural system of our feelings of hunger.

Researchers found a connection between the gut and brain that acts to reduce the drive to eat. (Image credit: University of Pennsylvania)

What they discovered was that when we smell or see food, our neurons linked to the hunger are temporarily ‘switching off’ only if the stomach sends a signal to the brain that we already have eaten.

J. Nicholas Betley, an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania and also one of the researchers said:

“When these neurons are firing, they’re basically telling you, ‘You’d better go get food; you’re starving. They’re a sensitive alarm system. And what this study conclusively demonstrated is that nutrients are the primary regulators of this alarm system.”

In the terms of the research, the crew also gave mice a mixture of hormones that are discharged during digestion. Apparently, these hormones tranquilized the motion of the ‘hunger neurons’.

The research team strongly believe their discovery would be perfect for the ones trying to reduce hunger.

What is actually the ‘science of hunger’?

As Mr. Betley said: “Being hungry can feel unpleasant, and these are the neurons that seem to mediate this. Animals don’t like this stimulation. In the laboratory, we can turn these neurons on with the flash of a light. Interestingly, we found that animals will scamper to the other side of the room to turn off the light.”

As a part of the investigation, the scientists also strived to separate the consequences of seeing and smelling food and actually eating it, concerning the hunger neurons.

Knowing the “science of hunger” is a significant step in fighting obesity.

This research, however, requires further examination and experimentation. But, one thing we must admit is that sounds really promising for the ones trying to reduce hunger and fight obesity.

If we could manage hunger from a scientific viewpoint, it is likely possible that in the future such therapy could work together with diets and exercises for those who want to lose weight.

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