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Remains Of Giant Sea Creature Found In Russia

Researchers found a skeleton of a giant sea creature on an isolated Russian island. The creature was said to exist on Earth in the past but it was extinct centuries ago.

Maria Shitova was the nature inspector who found the incredible remains in the Commander Islands. They measured around seventeen feet long and become extinct in the 18th century due to being targets of hunters.

Conservationists spotted the bones of the giant sea creature while bulging into the shore. After full four hours of digging, they discovered a whole skeleton.

The team with their discovery (Picture: The Siberian Times)

The 10-ton species was missing a head and several other bones. However, it had 45 vertebrae, 27 ribs, and a left scapula.

Furthermore, the giant sea creature was acknowledged as ‘Steller’s sea cow’, a large sea mammal that existed on our planet around 1700. These creatures got their name after the German researcher Georg Steller, who first reported them.

Steller’s sea cows looked like other mammals and used to swim the waters between Russian and Alaska up to 11,700 years ago.

Apparently, these creatures had friendly behavior towards people which led them to be an easy target for the hungry hunters.

“This is the only sea cow that we’ve ever found that’s intact in situ,” says Lorelei Crerar, a George Mason University professor who published a paper on sea cows in 2014.

Crerar also hopes the creature’s head is still in the area and they might find it with further exploring.

The remains are going to be a part of an exhibit in a Russian Museum.

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