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A Real Testimonial From A Member Of The Illuminati (Obama, JFK, Space Flights)- Part 1

This person was he himself a member of the Illuminati for 47 years and he has finally decided to tell the truth about it to the public.

As he states, he was recruited when he had 19 years and since then, he had seen and heard dangerous things. Now, he decides that he is willing to reveal nothing but the truth which is in fact, pretty dangerous itself.

He also admits that he is one of the only seven people in the world who has performed the Departure Ritual. He also reveals the exact moment he knew he needed to get out because of finding out something that he could not bear anymore. All those motives and beliefs became too much for him so he had to find a way to get out and shed light on the truth.

It is then when he feels that his destiny is to reveal everything that there is to be revealed about the Illuminati. From how to get in, what it is all about and what are the plans of the organization.

He also believes that he should do this just in the moment when he has all the attention of all the public on him. He believes that his efforts shouldn’t go to waste and that people need to know everything for their own good. These are the reasons he is not going to rush anything, as he states.

However, he gives a little something for the public to hold on to. He gives us a preview of what he is going to speak about in the future and this is it:

Aliens are way different then what the authorities want us to think.

Barak Obama never was a member of the Illuminati. He is something much worse as he says.

Denver in Colorado is one evil place!

The space flights are an Illuminati tools. Continue



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