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A Real Testimonial From A Member Of The Illuminati (Obama, JFK, Space Flights)- Part 3

There are plenty of other stuff that are placed and hidden in those bunkers. For example, there are massive amounts of all different kinds of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and even heroin.

As the previous member of the Illuminati reveals, drugs and the drug trade are essential to the Illuminati. This organization grows more powerful with every day because of the drug addiction in the world.

One of the most popular contributors to the drug business is Warren Buffet. He is running the drug trade for twenty years in the Western hemisphere.

It is just one of the numerous different ways the Illuminati controls the public. They control all the drugs, all the transport and they also control the majority of the media. They are constantly looking for new ways to implement themselves to the public.

Another horrific thing that this member reveals is that just as the Nazis burned their victims, The Illuminati plans to burn all the victims that are killed in their bunkers. The organization decided that they need to burn the mass amount of bodies because burring them in coffins would take too much time and resources.

Some of these bunkers are actually used for storing robots that are ready to take over in case of a labor shortage. Believe it or not, these robots are designed to take over our jobs and replace our role in the society. The Illuminati has all of this figured out and no one would ever notice that we are gone.

When it comes to the moon landing, the one in 1969 was real but the Russians landed on the moon seven years before the Americans. The Illuminati decided that America should win this race just because they needed to represent the feeling of capitalism which won over communism. It is all staged scenario.

The most interesting thing about the visit on the Moon is the fact that the Americans landed their nuclear missiles there. The Illuminati plans to use these in order to attack a nation that is not willing to cooperate with them. No one would ever track where the missiles came from and they wouldn’t have to take any responsibility.

Also, there are thousands of the best scientists that are working for the Illuminati. They have found a way to literally shut the sun. They have designed a weapon that is able to shut down the sun and as crazy as this may sound, it is actually real as this member of the Illuminati reveals.

Another interesting fact is that the scientists believe that this weapon can be used for destruction of other planets too.

However, it is for sure that if the Illuminati decides to use this weapon and shut down the sun, we would begin to experience the effects of radiation in 4 years and by the ninth year, all life on this Earth would be gone! Continue



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