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A Real Testimonial From A Member Of The Illuminati (Obama, JFK, Space Flights)- Part 2

The first topic that this member of the Illuminati wants to discuss and shed light are the bunkers. He explains that there are 57 bunkers in the USA that are underground and have various of purposes.

He also admits that there are 439 of these bases and bunkers all around the world. They are all controlled by the Illuminati. The largest one is located in Brazil and it has the power to hold up 5000 people. These bunkers also have supplies for about ten years. The member that reveals this, has personally been in such base.

As you probably guessed, the purpose for these bases is to shelter 5000 of the world’s smartest, richest and most popular people in case the end of the world came or any natural catastrophe happened. The Illuminati has all of that figured out.

However, the bunker in Brazil is the safest one and when the World War III happens, it is here where all the world’s leaders will take shelter. Also, the world’s richest people such as Bill Gates will take shelter in this bunker in Brazil.

Almost a half of these bunkers all around the world are created to shelter people in case of any natural disaster and even he, who is now revealing everything about the Illuminati, have stayed in one in China. He admits that these bases are like staying in a 5-star hotel.

He also takes the time to reveal some of the world’s most famous people who have stayed and sheltered in these bunkers.

For example, Leon Trotsky stayed in a bunker in Switzerland when Stalin defeated him. He was situated here because if Stalin knew he was alive, he was going to kill him. It is then when Stalin started to agree with all the plans of the Illuminati and Trotsky was executed because he was no longer needed.

It is now known for a fact that Abraham Lincoln was not murdered by John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln himself was placed in the office by the Illuminati as their pawn. They placed him in the office for one goal, to start a war. And they did that, and they made themselves very rich. Lincoln himself agreed that after the war is over, he will retire from the office. IT was then when the Illuminati made up a false association and placed Lincoln in a bunker in Mexico where he spent his last days.

Saddam Hussein is also placed in one of the bunkers in Argentina. As the previous member of the Illuminati reveals, he was in power in Iraq just because the US needed justification in their invasions. It is because of the plans of taking over the Middle East and all the oil that is untapped to be secured.

As it has been revealed, the others of the bunkers are used as storage for anything that cannot be stored above the ground. Most of the storage is nuclear weapons. Continue



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