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The Radioactive Cloud Detected In Europe Most Likely Started In Russia

The radioactive cloud detected across various parts of Europe might be an outcome of a mysterious nuclear hazard in Russia.

According to Daily Mail, pollution indications were spotted in Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.

The cloud was originally detected when France’s nuclear safety institute, IRSN, gathered weak traces of ruthenium 106. This dangerous nuclide emerges when atoms are split in a nuclear reactor and does not appear by a natural path.

A French official representative said the discovery of this kind of deterioration is completely abnormal and luckily, there still hadn’t been any effects on the welfare of the humankind and the environment.

The French IRSN excluded the reason it might be an accident in a nuclear reactor, claiming it was probably an issue at a nuclear fuel analysis site or a center for radioactive medicine.

“We observed only ruthenium, which indicates it couldn’t come from a nuclear reactor as we would have seen other fission products, like Caesium,”  Jean-Christophe Gariel, director for health at the IRSN, told the Telegraph.

The institute also stated they can’t locate the exact source of the radioactive cloud, but it most likely that it came from the south of the Ural Mountains, in either Russia or Kazakhstan.

Nevertheless, the IRSN confirmed the portion of the hazardous material was large-scale, adding how if an accident of this kind ever happened in France, they would immediately clear the area by evacuating people in the range of the site.

Duncan Cox, leader of Public Health England’s radiation emergency response group said that their radiation monitors in Oxfordshire and Glasgow showed no contamination in the UK.

Russian authorities said that they are not aware of any incident of this type to have happened on their land.

“From their point of view, they said they had had no problems at all. Rosatom (the Russian nuclear operator) said it had detected nothing,” explained Mr. Gariel.

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