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Photographs That Prove Real-Life Fairies Do Exist

A photographer and university teacher, John Hyatt, claims to have taken pictures of real-life fairies in the past two years. His pictures taken in the British countryside indeed show some mysterious creatures with wings.

The 50-year-old man said he didn’t know what he’s capturing at first. Later, while looking at the pictures, he noticed they depicted real fairies.

Certainly, when we mention real-life fairies, we have to also remind you of the 1920’s case. Back in that time, Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright said they photographed fairies in their garden. The photos were exposed as fake 50 years later. So, our question is: Can this man be telling another lie and could these ‘fairies’ be just another peculiar insect?

Hyatt said he is going to exhibit the photos of the fairies in the Rossendale Whitaker Museum. He also mentioned he has seen more unusual things than these ones.

The photos this man took portray something that looks like a body with wings, arms and legs swaying underneath.

“People should look at the photographs with an open mind and then decide for themselves just what the creatures are,” said Mr. Hyatt.

However, he indicates the beings he captured are way different from the types we use to see in children’s stories. He also believes his pictures will change people’s perception of fairies.

People who saw these pictures and believed in them filled their life with magic, he further explained.

As we said before, this is not the first time someone to claim to have captured real-life fairies.

In 2015, Lisa Wildgoose who was taking random photos in the forest. She took some pictures of bluebells and oversaw them at her house only to discover a mysterious creature flying over these flowers.

In the left angle, there really seems to be a small being with wings. When zoomed, the picture even shows the creature has colored hair.


She was quite shocked yet excited and showed the photo to her daughters. They also confirmed the creature looks like a fairy.

In 2009, Phyllis Bacon from London also claimed she took a picture of a fairy in her yard. She said the fairies were flying comfortably and the pictures she took were so beautiful they gave her hope again.

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