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One Of The Biggest Secrets Withheld From Humanity

Pineal Gland

The significance of the Pineal Gland was discussed and dates back to ancient times.

The Pineal Gland appears to be a cone-shaped component in the brain and it is engaged in generating serotonin derivative melatonin, which deals straight with the people’s hormones. On the other hand, the hormones attune sleep and wake arrangements and several other human function responsibilities.

The Pineal Gland, also known as the “third eye”, is placed in the central part of the brain. More precisely, it takes a small, pea-sized position between the two brain hemispheres.

Even one the oldest cultures, the Egyptian one, took time to elaborate how important the Pineal Gland is to the human being.

The researchers say that the “third eye” represents a portal that correlates the physical and the spiritual world of people.

When the Pineal Gland is triggered, it offers an impression of exhilaration and individuality, which later grant a feeling of enlightenment.

What are the ways of activating the Pineal Gland? It is believed that people stimulate the pineal gland through different approaches, such as yoga, meditation and chant, essential oils etc.

Some people say that the Pineal Gland is a practice of movement between dimensions, which as is known as astral projection or remote viewing.

As a matter of fact, scientists from Stanford University monitored a Man who traveled outside of his body into Space. He meticulously described a ring around the planet Jupiter which was not discovered until the Pioneer 10 spacecraft flew past the planet mentioned above. It is said that all of this was managed thanks to the Pineal Gland.

Moreover, not only the scientists from Stanford examined the “third eye”. The Pineal Gland was a study project for the US government, the former Soviet Union and other abundant organizations.

However, all the results about the effects and the promising advantages connected to the Pineal Gland have sealed away from society.

We are asking ourselves today, why are we not able to take advantage of the Pineal Gland in our present? It is not a rhetorical question though. The answer lies in the amount of sodium fluoride that people consume every day.

It is considered that the Pineal Gland soaks up most of the sodium fluoride that penetrates our bodies. The outcome is aggravated work of the Pineal Gland, or more simply, disequilibrium between hormonal courses in the body.

There was a study accompanying the Pineal Gland by the doctor of medicine, Rick Strassman, who strongly relies on the fact that DMT is connected to the Pineal Glad.

Rick Strassman executed the first new human studies with psychedelic narcotics in the United States over twenty years ago. His investigation included the naturally-occurring compound, DMT – N, N – dimethyltryptamine. He was guided to this substance because of its presence in all of our bodies. His studies included about 60 volunteers between 1990 and 1995. He wrote a book about this research with the name DMT: The Spirit Molecule. The book was so popular it sold over 100,000 copies, was translated into over 12 languages and inspired a documentary by the same name by Warner Bros in 2011.

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