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North Korea’s Upper-Class Society Are Taking Gold Injections

Kim Jong Un and his upper-class society of North Korea are inserting gold injections to cure cancer, dementia and obesity.

The scientists from dictator’s country of North Korea released new drugs. And guess what, they are confident in their claims these drugs are better than anything we have ever seen here.

Apparently, Kim Jong Un and the elite are placing gold injections to cure cancer, senile dementia and even obesity.

The gold injections are reportedly capable of curing diseases like cancer, senile dementia and obesity

One of the gold injections is the nano-gold polysaccharide injection. According to their official paper, The Pyongyang Times, Korea Myohyang Trading Corporation is the producer of this drug.

Gold injections, or Myocrisin, are an anti-rheumatic drug whose composition is a mixture called sodium aurothiomalate.

Developers say: “It is efficacious in the treatment and prevention of fatty liver, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, diabetes, insomnia, cancerous diseases, rheumatic arthritis, hyperpiesia, ageing, senile dementia, addiction to drugs, alcohol and chemical substances, and complications.”

Right now, it is only available with a prescription in Britain. Therefore, it is unclear whether Kim used the same one as we have here.

Kim’s scientists have also made 50 other anti-cancer and health-promoting therapies from local plants like milkweed.

Moreover, they said that the new range of drugs is better than anything we have seen here in the West.

The newspaper further said: “It is also efficacious in treating diseases of the circulating system of blood, inflammation, skin diseases and diabetes.

“In particular, it has the highest qualities in removing poisoning by CO gas, chemical materials and burn and headache caused by alcohol by improving cerebral and metabolic functions in a matter of time.”

In addition, they even claim to have produced a natural medicine out of plants that can destroy tumors.


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