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This Nine Ancient Maps Should Not Exist

Amidst the abundant data collected during the years, researchers around the world came across to specific revelations. Some of these revelations are at variance with the beliefs set by prevailing intellectuals about the human race.

A very much favored assumption is that the ancient civilizations were, in point of fact, much more progressive than what it’s thought. A lot of maps discovered in the past are a coherent hint that the tale told by scholars is insufficient. The missing parts are compensated with these astonishing ancient maps.

The presence of these maps is also proving that ancient pilgrims had an exceptional, advanced cartography system which is worthy of comparison with the one we have today. Having these maps establishes the fact that the ancient humankind knew the accurate shape and size of the Earth. This is contradictory to the popular belief that thousands of years ago, people engaged in a global – scale project of codifying the planet.

Zeno Map: One of the most compelling and fascinating maps is the Zeno Map. This map was published around 1380 and it illustrates the coasts of contemporary, modern countries. Mysterious as a puzzle, this map also portrays the accurate latitude and longitude of numerous islands on planet Earth. We ask ourselves, where is the conundrum here? Well, the device crucial for measuring the longitude (the chronometer) was not created until 1765. Moreover, the Zeno map also describes Greenland free of glaciers, meaning in some way, someone blueprinted it preceding the Ice Age.

The Camerio Map: This map was created in 1502, and although it doesn’t illustrate some remarkable features as the others, it has one very extraordinary detail. This map applies spherical framework despite people at that time still believed that the planet is horizontal.

Lehbudi Ibn Ben Zara map: This astonishing map was created in 1487 and portrays fragments of glaciers in Britain and also, intensely particularized drawings of islands in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Present – day, these islands still exist, but underwater, because of rising water levels.

The Hadji Ahmed map: This marvelous map was published in 1559 and appears to show authentic representations of the western coast of Northern America and Antarctica. What is even more prodigious is that this map shows a bridge between Siberia and Alaska which probably existed the time it was created.




The Buache map: The creator and publisher of this map is Philippe Buache. It is considered that this map was made with the help of other, older maps. This map is representing Antarctica before the very same continent was discovered. An entertaining fact is that this map illustrates Antarctica without the ice. The Canary Island was also physically placed in position with this map. Published in 1737, it promotes the exact synopsis of the underwater level on which islands are located meaning the author created it with an examination of the shape before glaciers melted and ocean accelerated.

The Harry King Chart: This map was conceived in 1502 and demonstrates northern Siberian Rivers depleting into the Arctic Ocean which is now under ice. This map illustrates glacial remnants in the Baltic countries and accurately interprets the Suez Canal.

The Map of the North by Ptolemy: This map is known for showing glacial parts shifting across south-central Greenland. This map is also known for showing glaciers departing from modern Germany and parts of southern Sweden.

King Jaime World Chart: Designed in 1502, this map accurately shows segments of the Sahara Desert in a much more dissimilar way than it is today. This map says that Sahara used to have fertile land, huge lakes rivers, forests and animals.

The Oronce Finé World Map: Constructed in 1534, it represents a graph with highlights of Antarctica when the continent was not covered by ice. Not only it is showing the continent before it was actually found, this map also shows the rivers at this continent, the valleys and the coastlines and the most accurate location of where the South Pole is located today.


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