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News Anchor Bursts Into Laughing While Telling The Story Of A Goat Man

Even the most professional news reporters sometimes can’t hold themselves. This post is about a news anchor who was presenting the story of a goat man, but she couldn’t help not to laugh.

Being a news anchor is not exactly the easiest job. On the contrary, there are always sensitive topics that have to be handled with professionalism and without expressive emotions. Especially, when the reporting is live, it is even harder.

However, this news anchor goes wacky while presenting the story of a so-called goat man.

He was apparently part of a scientific study which asked him to “take on the life of a goat.”

What the study was hoping to discover is still unknown at this point, probably because we couldn’t succeed to hear what she was saying over all the laughter.

In particular, this story involves a man who dedicated his life to live as a goat. He also had done prosthetics so he could live with a goatherd and become deeply involved in their lives.

Besides that, the goat herd isn’t the funniest part, but rather the helmet he is wearing. Maybe it’s just the video of him grazing among the goat herd.

For a little while, the news anchor keeps her senses while reporting, but as she gets more and more on the topic, things go cracking up.

The woman gets into a burst of a laugh, causing her co-anchors laugh out loud, too.

After watching the video, you can see you can’t really judge her.

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