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The New Idea Of An Inflatable ‘Private Space Yacht’ Will Be Available By 2022

Recently, a hotel chain owner – Robert Bigelow released his concept of a low-orbit inflatable space capsule where astronauts and tourists could be accommodated.

This October, Bigelow Aerospace published its idea to put a “commercial lunar depot” into a low orbit around the moon by 2022.

The United Launch Alliance – a partnership between aerospace associations Lockheed Martin and Boeing will also take a part in the activity.

The whole project involves an inflatable capsule, famous as the B330.

Moreover, according to Bigelow Aerospace, the pod, instead of an aluminum shell, it will have a soft, extensile shell, which will give the craft a “greater volume, safety, opportunity, and economy”

Bigelow and its alliances are flourishing two stand-alone space stations which are anticipated to break the ice in 2022.

The companies were said to outset by sending empty pods into orbit, however, the basic idea is for the craft to hold around six people.

The B330 will apparently have many other different employments, Bigelow Aerospace stated on its website.

The usage contains using the pod as a hospital, a cafeteria, military-grade application space and of course, “a private space yacht.”

Nevertheless, such a dynamic idea comes with a big price, estimated around 2, 3 billion dollars by the Washington Post.

Robert Bigelow applies that NASA and the federal government would need to raise funds in order for this idea to materialize.

Furthermore, this is not the first time Bigelow Aerospace operates in space. One of its inflatable pods has been affixed to the International Space Station since 2016.

Robert Bigelow is also famous as the man who said that he was “absolutely convinced” aliens have visited Earth and are currently chilling out in space in their UFOs waiting to return someday.

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