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You Need To Know These Facts About Noodles

Instant noodles are very famous dish both for dinner and launch especially among the students because they are very fast and easy to prepare.

If you are one of the noodle lovers you are probably aware that they are not really healthy even though they are the better choice when it comes to burgers and pizza.

However, you need to learn about these facts about noodles and why you should probably think twice before loving them.

You can find this video made by a doctor who recorded what is happening in your stomach after consuming noodles. Believe us, the footage is shocking!

The very first thing you should probably worry about is the fact that even after an hour of consuming them the noodles are still not digesting. This food overloads your digestive system and makes it very hard for it to digest the food.

Another very important of the facts about noodles is the one that because of their long digestion, the nutrients absorption is impacted as well and you don’t get the needed amount of nutrients in order to function properly.

The worst thing of all is that besides the little nutrients noodles contain there is a number of additives that are very toxic and unfortunately they are the ones that will stay in your organism.

This ingredient is called TBHQ and it can be found in other processed foods such as peanut butter and chicken nuggets and it is very important for you to realize that it is dangerous upon your health. The ingredient is contained in chewing gums and in perfumes and there is a specific amount of it that is safe for the human organism to consume.

Next to the facts about noodles is the one that noodles are related to metabolic syndrome. Especially women that love consuming noodles on regular basis.

What is even worse is the fact that if you are consuming noodles very often you are at high risk to develop any cardiovascular disease or even diabetes.

So it is actually pretty important to realize that noodles are not on the list of healthy foods and they do more damage than do good.

It has also been proved that noodles contained an ingredient which is a very famous substance that causes cancer.

If you need more facts about noodles or more reasons why to avoid them and hate them you should know that they also contain an ingredient which is harmful to your nerve cells. Such damage can cause you learning disabilities and even the risk of having an Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

Overall the point of these facts about noodles is that you learn the importance of consuming fresh and healthy foods in order to lead the healthier lifestyle and feel more energized. Of course, you can have a bowl of noodles once in a while but it would be for the best if you stopped consuming them once and for all.

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