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NASA’s Twin Study Made A Revolutionary Discovery: Genes Change Once You Travel Into Space

Recently, NASA’s Twin Study published preliminary results which apply that when you travel into space, DNA’s process of turning the genes on and off escalates.

This progressive research is not just a sighting in the cellular process but also speaks in details about the human body changes once it gets into space.

Dr. Chris Mason, Twins Study Principal Investigator, declared in his statement that he is really excited by the weird explosion that looks like fireworks they are able to through a gene expression when a human body gets into space.

Furthermore, he explains how through this inquiry, they have seen thousands of genes altering as soon as an astronaut steps a foot into space.

This extraordinary study was made with the help of two twin siblings, Mark and Scott Kelly, who were NASA astronauts. Scott Kelly spent around one year in space, between 2015 and 2016 and because he had control sample in his brother Mark, NASA made this revolutionary research.

The entire study is not published yet, but as we said, the preliminary results are accessible. In one of the studies, researchers found out that Scott Kelly’s telomeres grew larger than his brother’s.

This study represents one of the most comprehensive views of human biology,” said Mason. “It really sets the bedrock for understanding molecular risks for space travel as well as ways to potentially protect and fix those genetic changes,” he added.

The study examined four visible features of human biology. It analyzed physiology and the impact microgravity on different organs.

It also considered the changed in perception and logic – the heart of the social health.

The Twin Study is part of NASA’s Human Research Program, which searches for the best technology to guarantee that human spaceflight is as safe as possible.

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