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Mummy Girl Juanita Found Ideally Preserved In Ice

Mummies found around the world offer people a sight into the distant past. And when we talk about ancient life, few human residues can meet the influence of the Inca mummy girl Juanita.

The mummy girl Juanita, also famous as Juanita the Ice Maiden, was discovered in the Andes in 1995. The strange thing that fascinated the researchers was her perfectly preserved state.

They believe the girl was an Inca child sacrifice killed to satisfy the gods around the year 1450.

She had a perfect state of health when she died.

The girl’s good health condition of the corpse and the artifacts by her side were the spring of her impressive life story. Further analysis showed the girl probably died between 1440 and 1450 at age scope between 12 and 15.

The analysis also implied she had common health status, with “a good and well-balanced diet.”

Her clothing was also well protected. It included a red tunic, llama skin and alpaca wool shoes which pointed out her most likely Nobel origin.

She left the world in a pretty horrid way.

The girl, according to the experts, died due to strangulation, asphyxia or burying her body alive.

The mummy girl Juanita official autopsy report stated that she died from blunt force trauma because someone hit her head so hard it destroyed her skull and facial bones.

Juanita took drugs or alcoholic drink before the tribute.

Citing the history, the Incas had a habit of relieving the trauma of following the sacrifice in the so-called ritual capacocha.

Children were usually consuming chicha, a strong alcoholic potion from corn, to “ensure intoxication.”
They sometimes gave the children to chew coca, the main ingredient of cocaine.

The analysis showed that the sacrificers probably drugged Juanita by some of these means.

She might have been chosen to be a victim before she was born.

Experts say that many Incan children were conceived with an intention to become a sacrifice. They usually picked the healthiest and the strongest child to be the victim.

The slaughter of Juanita is a mystery. Some researchers implied her killing was meant to satisfy the gods. However, it could also be a result of other events, like natural disasters or sudden deaths of notable leaders.

Researchers wouldn’t have found her if it wasn’t a volcanic eruption.

Juanita would still be on Mount Ampato in the Peruvian Andes if there wasn’t a volcanic eruption that made the top’s snowcap to melt. This event uncovered her grave and she fell down the mountain.

In 1995, Johan Reinhard and his helper, Miguel Zarate, found Juanita’s remains. Along with her body, they found sculptures of llamas. Later, the experts concluded the sculptures were most likely gifts for the gods she’d meet in the afterlife.

There May Be Hundreds Of Sacrificed Children Still Out There

The mummy girl Juanita was found by a convenient accident. However, this does not happen very often. Archaeologists claim there are hundreds of other Inca children, victims of 500-years-ago sacrifice, still undiscovered.

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