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The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Mystery

Crystal Skull Mystery

The Mitchell-Hedges skull is likely the most famous crystal skull in the world and it’s named after a real-life “Indiana Jones” of the 20th century.

The British explorer and adventurer, F. A. Mitchell-Hedges, lived in the 20th century and was a depiction of the Indiana Jones character as we know it today from the movies.

The most noticeable feature of the crystal skull is its amazing lucidity and its removable jaw, incised from the same quartz as the whole skull is.

The initial name of the skull was “Skull of Dunn” like one of the partners on the expeditions to Belize. This was when Anna Mitchell-Hedges, at her age of 16, claimed she found the amazing skull in a collapsed Mayan pyramid.

Crystal Skull Mystery1

The two-fragments skull (head and jaw) is since then used for extensive studies.

After this, the skull was renamed into “Skull of Doom” apparently to chase off encounters with bad intentions.

Recently, the skull was renamed again by its present custodian as the “Skull of Love.”

The skull’s history is dubious, still, it is called “out-of-place-artifact” meaning even it was conducted advanced research on it, it couldn’t be proven it’s fake.

Hewlett Packard’s research got to an outcome that it’s weird how this skull even exists since it was carved ignoring the natural axis of the quartz and there are no marks of any metal tool usage.

Due to its reputation, the truthfulness of the skull is often brought in question.

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