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Mexican Caves Discover Engraved Artifacts With Puzzling Humanoid Beings and Spaceships

Mexican Caves

Mexican cave has exhibited strange artifacts with illustrations of mysterious beings with stretched heads and oval eyes and objects that are supposedly spaceships.

The explorers that examined the Mexican cave say that these artifacts are one of the finest proofs of aliens on Earth.

This cave is a part of three caves and its location is between the city of Veracruz and city of Puebla.

The searchers found unforeseen findings like carved stones with pictures that show aliens. In the other cave, they found golden objects.

The exterior of the stones showed evidence of extraterrestrial material like spaceships and beings that look like a human but really aren’t. One of the stones that were found seemingly reveals the higher part of a spaceship and a being that doesn’t belong to our world.

Apparently, the image portrays an alien standing next to an old lord of a preHispanic civilization, collecting a corncob.


Myths in the local area suggest that in the past there was a puzzling ship that has continued to be archaic and concealed near the caves.

Actually, these myths were the inspiration for researchers to explore this particular area.

The explorers produced some unexpected but extraordinary discoveries for the humankind. They suggest that what they found might be the key evidence for an extraterrestrial appearance in the distant past thousands of years ago.

Jose Aguayo described how The National Institute of Anthropology and History, or shortly INAH, doesn’t speak about the discovery because it doesn’t represent a classic artifact and it confronts our dominant history we are told about.

The artifacts still remain uncollected because if they eventually are, INAH, which is a government agency, would have to accept and announce the fact that the Government rejects for so long, that aliens have had contact with our prehistoric civilizations.

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