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Man Who Raped Little Girl In Her Backyard Pleaded Guilty

A 26-year-old man in Ohio confessed to the police that he is guilty of pulling a sleeping 6-year-old girl from her bed and raping her in her own backyard. The raped little girl wasn’t his only felony.

Mansfield News Journal reported that Brock Martin admitted his guilt of two rapes, one kidnapping and other charges such as burglary. He accepted a plea deal with Ashland County prosecutors.

According to Prosecutor Christopher Tunnel, on August 18, 2015, Brock Martin pushed a fan out of a window of the home of the raped little girl, reached into the house and pulled her out of her bed.

The police also explained how someone from the house saw the assault and chased him in a short distance. Then, they called the emergency which used police dogs to track the Martin down.

Apparently, he wasn’t on the run for long since Ashland Police Department K-9 Unit caught him in the woods.

Prosecutors said that when the police arrested him, Martin confessed to two other unsolved cases dating back to 2013.

Speaking on the subject, in 2013, he also pulled out another 13-year-old girl out of her house in order to rape her; however, somebody caught him before he had the chance.

Moreover, in 2015, Martin also made an attempt to rape a woman. She found him standing over her bed while she was asleep. He apparently ran away because her husband came home from work.

Prosecutors say that there is no connection between the victims. He chose them all randomly.

By pleading guilty, Martin agreed to a sentence of life in prison without parole and to pay $3,000 to cover the victims’ medical expenses.

Tunnell said the charges they dropped, as part of the plea, included additional conduct that occurred in each case.

Martin had initially said he was not guilty by reason of insanity to all felonies. However, the judge considered him as competent to stand trial.

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