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The Letter From A Nun Possessed By Satan Was Finally Deciphered

After a long time, a baffling ancient letter written by an Italian nun, allegedly possessed by Satan, has finally been decoded.

Back in 1676, Sister Maria Crocsifissa Della Concezione of the Palma di Montechiaro nunnery composed a codified letter. However, she had no memory of writing it or what so ever, even though she left it in her room. She claimed to have woken up from a spell in her room with her face sprinkled with ink.

Consecutively, she claimed that during that time Satan possessed her, using her hand to write it.

For more than 300 years, this letter was an unsolvable puzzle for everyone since no one could decipher the symbols that looked like segments of Greek, Arabic, Latin and Runic alphabets.

Sister Maria during her studied became a specialist in languages which made some experts think she was the one who wrote it combining symbols from the languages she already knew.

However, recently, some Italian computer scientists managed to translate 15 lines from the letter with the help of a code-cracking algorithm found on the Deep Web.


The letter talked about the connection between God, Satan, and humans. It also apparently pointed out to God and Jesus as Dead Weight. Also, it continues to describe humans invented God and Zoroaster. Finally, it seems to mention the River Styx, which separates the Earth and the Underworld in the Greek and Roman mythology.

Symbols from “The Devil’s Letter”
Source: Times of Israel
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